We have a new client (year end 31 March) who is writing off goodwill over 20 years. They have written off eight years so far.


To date we've only really had minimal goodwill valuations so haven't bothered getting pre approval (as the impact either way was negligible).  However, we've got a fairly hefty one we're looking at


Does anyone know the treatment of goodwill on consolidation under GAAP? FRS 6 seems to suggest that Goodwill should be taken through the Restructuring reserves in balance sheet.


If a very profitable sole trader incorporated, and the first years accounts were drawn up to 31/10/13, is there any possibility of still getting a CG34 approval of the valuation, and then amending


Whether driven by such problems as Equitable Life, the general fall in annuity rates, the global financial crisis or financial problems in the European economy, or


Back in 2011, a husband and wife client incorporated their partnership (estate agents) and a goodwill figure of £60,000 was accepted by HMRC in response to our Post Transaction Valuation Check.


Working out how much capital gains tax (CGT) is due on the goodwill of an accounting firm that has been sold can be tricky, but a recent tribunal may help.

With a reduction in the presumed life of goodwill from 20 to five years under the new reporting standard FRS 102, many accountants are concerned about


Hi, I would like to get some feedback from the experts here.

Company A purchased 100% shares of company B , early 2013.