In an arm's length transaction BizALtd buys business activity of BizBLtd (client list, debtors, creditors, and stocks) and BizBLtd stops trading in this line of biz.


Please can someone advise how accumulated amortisation is treated on the sale of goodwill?
The goodwill was purchased in 2006 and has been amortised annually subsequently.


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If a holding company acquires a subsidary that has negative reserves due to cumulative losses, how is this investment accounted for within the holding company accounts?


Steve Collings tackles one of the topics that causes the most trouble for practitioners: when and how to measure and recognise goodwill in a client’s financial statements.


RSM Tenon has announced it will slash employee numbers by 10% as it posted a loss of £70.6m


I've just incorporated a partnership of estate agents as a limited company at the following approximate values: Goodwill (net of personal element) - £60k, Ongoing Contracts - £100k, fixed assets/we

The benefits of incorporating a sole trader or partnership business are well known; eg goodwill, amortisation, entrepreneurs relief, loan accounts, etc.


I have an estate agent client who is incorporating from a partnership (with his non fee earning wife) to a limited company.


My clients want to incorporate their business.  It is a proper trading business with staff and outlets.  We need a valuation for goodwill.  Can anyone recommend a specialist?