Steve Collings tackles one of the topics that causes the most trouble for practitioners: when and how to measure and recognise goodwill in a client’s financial statements.


RSM Tenon has announced it will slash employee numbers by 10% as it posted a loss of £70.6m


I've just incorporated a partnership of estate agents as a limited company at the following approximate values: Goodwill (net of personal element) - £60k, Ongoing Contracts - £100k, fixed assets/we

The benefits of incorporating a sole trader or partnership business are well known; eg goodwill, amortisation, entrepreneurs relief, loan accounts, etc.


I have an estate agent client who is incorporating from a partnership (with his non fee earning wife) to a limited company.


My clients want to incorporate their business.  It is a proper trading business with staff and outlets.  We need a valuation for goodwill.  Can anyone recommend a specialist?


I act for a successful firm of financial advisors which is moving from partnership to limited company status.


One of my clients wishes to convert their husband and wife partnership to a limited company. The husband is the main fee earner and his wife does a bit of admin work.


What is the treatment for unamortised goodwill on the voluntary striking off of a private company (with 2 director/shareholders) - which will continue in operation as a partnership after dissolutio