I act for a successful firm of financial advisors which is moving from partnership to limited company status.


One of my clients wishes to convert their husband and wife partnership to a limited company. The husband is the main fee earner and his wife does a bit of admin work.


What is the treatment for unamortised goodwill on the voluntary striking off of a private company (with 2 director/shareholders) - which will continue in operation as a partnership after dissolutio


 A client has an existing dormant limited company and a sole proprietor business with an overdrawn capital account of around £70,000.



Hello If I have a small sole-trader business that I sell to a limited company that my wife sets up & owns for £10,000 - it's true market value (which I believe would avoid the connected party i


Any input with this would be appreciated:


A successful Limited company has two 'core' director/sharholders. A Tax 'Expert', has advised them to close the Limited company, and trade from an LLP.

Can you claim a tax deduction for the write-off of goodwill within an LLP's accounts (members all individuals)?


Do you mention this as a benefit when you talk to potential clients who you believe would benefit from incorporating?


One of my sole director clients has made a big name for himself since starting his company in 2005, designing and licensing trading software to the major players in the energy industry.