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Good morning. Here is Friday’s 9am Lowdown.

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Good morning. Today we bring you the news of accountants' surprising ranking in a HMRC analysis, and David Cameron coming under fire for the Google’s tax settlement.


Late Friday evening Google declared a change in its taxation policy, announcing that it will pay £130m and accept a greater burden of UK tax on future company revenue.


So a deal has been reached between HMRC and the villainous Google but as the government cannot discuss specific cases nobody has the faintest idea of how the settlement was reached nor what rules w



We received some funds through the AdSense service from Google. This is money earned from ad clicks on a Youtube video we created. 


According to recent research by IGF Invoice Finance, 1 in 3 small businesses get their financial advice from Google and social networks (


Of those who are on 1st / 2nd page of Google for their locale...

... How many enquiries do you get per week / month?


Googles explanation - i.e. dump android in preference to its own mobile OS

So how do you go from nothing to the top of’s natural search? This is a massive question and not one easily answered.


PwC has set its sights on the small-to-medium-sized business market, with its launch of cloud account