I've talked with a lot of people lately who are keen to improve their ranking on the search engines, and in particular Google.

Remember the first time you sent a text message?

Google is expected to pay £24m in backdated tax after a review of its offshore operations by HMRC. Nick Huber reports.

Revenue inspectors are increasingly turning to Google Street View as a monitoring tool to catch suspected tax evaders, according to


HMRC, Google and EY were back before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) once again, over an ongoing dispute between MPs and Google about their low payment of corporation tax in the UK.


From my desk there are 6 firms of accountants at least within a few hundred yards and 3 of them I can see from the window .


Executives from some of the world's best-known companies struggled to defend their companies’ elaborate tax arrangements when grilled by MPs about alleged tax avoidance this week.


I occassionally use for client's small payrolls (it's free).


It’s been a staggered start for Google+.