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The reply on Accounting web to the accounting query on the above (24 March 204) stated to release the grant to the P&L (in line with depreciation) and hence show as not taxabl


The financial accounts for the Royal Household reveal net expenditure was £35.7m, an increase of 2.4m (7.2%) on the previous year, due to additional spending on pr


Many companies receive grants for all sorts of different things, for example when a company wants to expand and set up in a deprived area, the company may receive a grant from the government to


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Just a quick question.



My partner is receiving a pension lump sum in the tax year 11-12. I understand this is tax exempt.


We are a small business in Cardiff and have recently won a Technology Strategy Board grant (£160k over 3 years).


I have a client who is now a practising medical doctor and I have to complete a tax return for an earlier year in which he was finishing his training in a hospital.



If you receive a grant for funding a business, is this treated for tax any differently or just as capital?

has anyone got any links on this subject?