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We are starting afresh with our computer hardware & software. Any suggestions as to what we should buy?


I think I'm probably about to fall out with my IT guy. This will be the third time so maybe it's me although (IMO at least) I think I am an undemanding customer.


With all the fuss and hype centering around iPhones and Androids, it's easy to see how the Windows phone can get lost in the mire. 


HMRC has announced it will be trialling “a range” of mobile devices with staff including iPads, tablets and hybrid laptops over the coming months.  


While Microsoft is the most familiar, widely used and accepted technology brand in most offices today, by 2014 Apple will be just as popular, according to IT analyst Gartner. 

Good news for cash-strapped gadget lovers - the beginning of the year need not be new gadget-free. 


Samsung’s shares tumbled nearly 8% on Monday after a California jury upheld claims by rival smartphone manufacturer Apple that the Korean electronics company had infringed its patents.


Every month new challengers come forward to take on Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone. John Stokdyk assesses the merits of HTC’s latest contender.


Henry Osadzinski assesses the claims of Dell’s XPS 13, one of the latest PC ultrabooks aiming to take on Apple’s MacBook Air.