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Stress awareness day highlights a debilitating issue which plagues accountants squeezed by the pressures of deadlines and the profession. 


You will soon have to limber up, flex your number crunching muscles, get on your marks, and sprint the self assessment marathon.

Studies have shown a link between a sitting too long and ill health. By adopting small changes throughout your working day you will see positive changes in your health and well being.


As accountants chances are that you spend a considerable part of your day sitting in your chair.


Two pharmacists who lied about exporting life-saving cancer and HIV medicines to Nigeria have been jailed for six and a half years for fraudulently claiming £300,000 in VAT repayments.

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With less than 10 days to go to the self assessment deadline, the stress levels of practitioners across the UK will no doubt be rising.


In January, getting returns completed and submitted on time may take precedent to many other things in a practitioner’s life - not least, their health.


So doctors with over generous NHS contracts being paid large sums for minimal work (My GP practice all doctors work part time and never, never after hours/weekends) want to charge for a visit.