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Wendy Bradley investigates research by Warwick Business School and the University of Birmingham, which claims former HMRC workers are helping companies find tax loopholes.


Accountants, tax advisers and all financial institutions in the UK will be required to write to clients before 30 April 2017, enclosing a letter from HMRC which warns about the dangers of not d


None of you need reminding of Sunday's date and I suspect a fair few of you will be swapping golf for work this weekend, simply because you have clients that are incorrigible when it comes to meeti

HMRC now has the power to collect tax directly from taxpayers’ bank accounts, under the direct recovery of debt (DRD) rules.


This is going to affect all businesses that pay tax under self assessment, including companies.


Bury football club chairman Stewart Day has called HMRC ‘trigger happy’ after the revenue issued a winding-up petition against the club.


So a deal has been reached between HMRC and the villainous Google but as the government cannot discuss specific cases nobody has the faintest idea of how the settlement was reached nor what rules w


New fees for tax tribunals announced

The government has announced some steep increases to fees for tax tribunals, despite strong resistance.


HMRC has amended the document they refer to as “Your Charter” which was first published in 2009.


Good morning. Agents had further misery yesterday – hailed the most depressing day of the year – when the HMRC online services briefly crashed. Find out more in this morning’s 9am Lowdown.