HMRC investigations

HMRC is struggling to achieve its tax evasion prosecution targets, despite recruiting additional crime investigators and intelligence officers.


HMRC has extended inquiries to minor league cricket clubs, according to


A couple from Kent have been jailed for committing insurance fraud and not paying tax on over £900,000 earnings from ‘ghost’ insurance broking.


HMRC is investigating tax schemes targeting capital allowance reliefs available under government-backed initiatives to regenerate deprived areas.

HMRC continues to ramp up its taskforces and disclosure campaigns to tackle tax evasion, but many practitioners are still unsure what brought about the change of a


A Scottish accountant and solicitor have been jailed for six-and-a-half years collectively  for laundering more than £1.8m from VAT frauds.


A Canterbury builder has been jailed for VAT fraud offences totalling more than £800,000 following an

Of late there seems to have been rather more news about people being sent to prison for tax evasion than normal, possibly marking a real increase in HMRC’s activity in this area, says Simon Swe


HMRC taskforces to tackle black spots of evasion in the UK economy have become


Just before the Jubilee weekend, HMRC expanded its compliance and enforcement programme by announcing a wave of new taskforces to investigate evasion in specific commercial and geographical sectors