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HMRC has amended the document they refer to as “Your Charter” which was first published in 2009.


Good morning. Agents had further misery yesterday – hailed the most depressing day of the year – when the HMRC online services briefly crashed. Find out more in this morning’s 9am Lowdown.

When Lin Homer, fresh from her damehood, announced she was 


In response to a petition against changes to the tax system, HMRC has stated that the new system will not mean submitting quarterly tax returns.

The new HMRC charter advisory committee have made their opening gambit, quietly overseeing the release of a tweaked version of the HMRC tax payer charter last week.


Last week I submitted various returns to HMRC and 3 had SA tax refunds due. All requested refund to client's bank account.


The Upper Tribunal has partially upheld HMRC’s appeal against Associated Newspapers in a complex case involving a voucher-based business promotion scheme.


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Tyrie seeks clarity on personal tax accounts


Dame Linda Homer has announced today that she is vacating her position at HMRC in April, after more than four years as chief executive and permanent secretary.


HMRC have recently purchased advertising pointing out that offshore income and gains may be taxable in the UK. This is true.