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The former directors of an eco-electrical manufacturing company has been sentenced for a £220,000 VAT fraud at Salisbury Crown Court last Friday.

HMRC is making good progress with online services but needs to improve its customer service and worker morale.


Hi there chaps, 

I own and operate a UK LTD which is producing profit in the region of £900,000 per year. 


Access via a freedom of information (FOI) request to the actual and budgeted costs of the project to move HMRC's old website to GOV.UK raises some questions about the claimed savings of the tra


While grilling former permanent secretary of HMRC Dave Hartnett and current tax assurance commissioner Edward Troup, PAC chairperson Margaret Hodge accused HMRC of unfairly targeting small busi


HMRC employees are becoming more disillusioned and feel increasingly undervalued and dissatisfied with their work, according to the


How about this for HMRC bureaucracy? AKA how to ensure the balance of payments surplus is maximised.


I have just learned of HMRC's latest device for not making timely repayments to taxpayers, which was explained to me by the agent's helpline as "uncleared credit" which the advisor cheerfully advis


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