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While grilling former permanent secretary of HMRC Dave Hartnett and current tax assurance commissioner Edward Troup, PAC chairperson Margaret Hodge accused HMRC of unfairly targeting small busi


HMRC employees are becoming more disillusioned and feel increasingly undervalued and dissatisfied with their work, according to the


How about this for HMRC bureaucracy? AKA how to ensure the balance of payments surplus is maximised.


I have just learned of HMRC's latest device for not making timely repayments to taxpayers, which was explained to me by the agent's helpline as "uncleared credit" which the advisor cheerfully advis


Submit your VAT EC Sales List Submissions to HMRC directly from Easy Digital Downloads or Woo Commerce.

A recent tribunal case (D White v HMRC) again highlighted the importance of keeping accurate records for tax purposes, this time in a case involving private expenditure on a company credit

A contractor client has just been selected for a review of their income for 2013/14 with a request for copies of contracts and why the director feels that IR35 does not apply.


What is the job of a tax collection agency ?


HMRC’s long-running “soft landing” for the RTI regime took another few steps this morning when it announced a number of 


I am a Tax Practitioner.  As a Chartered Accountant and former Inspector of Taxes, I have always been taught [and sought] to act ethically.