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Government to tackle ‘dirty money’

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HMRC tackles the hidden economy


As NASA brings us the news of Earth 2.0 , HMRC offers their inhabitants a stern warning in today's lowdown: Tax avoidance and cigarette smuggling will not be tolerated.

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One of the repeated complaints about the new HMRC website is that VAT Notices are only available in HTML format, and not pdf, as had been the case on the ‘old website.


Here is a summary of some of the changes announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Summer Budget, published on 8 July 2015.

Income Tax

Today we bring you news of the second woman CEO of a Big Four firm, and we also bring you a Thursday HMRC tax fraud special


Can technology ease the burden on small companies trying to file their accounts and pay their tax?

HMRC put a brave face on things at a conference for stakeholders last week, but behind the scenes the


The upper tribunal has upheld a first tier tribunal decision which found that fees charged to dancers for cashing in “Secrets” vouchers were subject to VAT.


HMRC is set to gain powers to collect tax debts directly from taxpayers’ bank accounts under the Direct Recovery of Debts (DRD) rules, from Royal Assent of Finance (No 2) Act 2015.