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A tax fraudster who threatened to bomb HMRC when he was arrested, has been jailed for 21 months.

AccountingWEB members have expressed concerns about the quality of HMRC website content being migrated to the new platform, GOV.UK. 


Top of the Tuesdays to you, we hope you're settling in nicely to the week. To kick off this morning, here are five of the day's top stories. Warning: May contain explosive headlines.

November is the unofficial beginning of self assessment season (for some its a year long-process!). 


HMRC provided delegates at last week's Practice Excellence Conference with an update of its digital strategy.


Monday morning has popped its head around the corner again. As you reminisce fondly about the weekend, we bring you five of the day's stories to ease you into the week. 


A man who pretended to be a solicitor and tried to pull the wool over both HMRC and an accountant's eyes to cancel a tax debt, has been jailed for 22 months.

On homepage there is a link called WHAT S NEW which Is uodated dai,y and is very useful.

No uodates now since Nov 3rd.


The tax returns of two thirds of the 800 largest businesses operating in the UK are under “enquiry”, HMRC


HMRC has published a list of ten things that a tax avoidance scheme promoter “won’t always tell you”, as the government seeks to highlight the “dangers” that people face when they sign up to a