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If an employee gets a Travelcard paid annually by her employer, should she still get the Travelcard paid for when she is on Maternity Leave?


There has been some rumbling on AccountingWEB about how HMRC are handling VAT cases with the Revenue more willing to use criminal scanctions.


I submitted the first VAT return for a new business with high set up costs.  Therefore a significant repayment due.  Gov website says this takes 10 days.


From time to time a personal tax return is prepared and it is apparent that further returns will not be required so we tell the client we will attempt to get them removed from self assessment.


2017 will see the introduction of a new government scheme aimed at helping working parents to pay for childcare.

Our multi-office practice has received several penalty determinations for late filing of forms P11D and P11D(b) for 2014/15.


A West Midlands accountant has been jailed after a 


In his latest blog Chairman of the ICPA Tony Margaritelli takes a look at things in the accountancy world that make us both want to laugh and cry.

Access to tax justice is set to become a less affordable for ordinary taxpayers if the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) gets its way and imposes fees for taking cases to the tax tribunals.


A recent First-Tier Tribunal raised an interesting point with regard to the rules on Termination Payments under ITEPA 2003, s.401.  These rules apply not only to compensation payments made on termi