HMRC has updated its guidance to include the extension to the SEIS capital gains reinvestment reli

Guernsey and Jersey signed Automatic Information Exchange Agreements with the UK on the 22 October 2013 – the ‘UK-Guernsey Agreement to Improve International Tax Compliance’ and the ‘UK-Jersey Agre

I am at the start up phase of a business and still have a lot of research and development work to do.

I am developing a website.


Gave a client a VAT return told them to pay with a date clearly marked when the payment had to be made by.


Client did not pay on time, 1 day late.  



HMRC is claiming that RTI has lived up to expectations for reducing the burden of online payroll filing, despite evidence of technical problems experienced by 36


New client whose ltd company was set up by umbrella company has moved to me. I went online to Cos House and changed his reg office address to his address.


HMRC’s long-term programme to change the way it interacts with accountants could be bogging down, following the publication of underwhelming pilot scheme results