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HMRC has launched five VAT taskforces in the Midlands as part of an initiative to bring in over £100m in the current tax year.


A new estimate of the UK’s tax gap is “flawed and muddled”, according to HMRC.


As a sole trader, if a start-up first tax return turnover and taxable profits are below the personal allowance.


HMRC has commissioned a report into Business Record Checks (BRCs) and attitudes towards record keeping. That seems to make sense.


In a recent case the tax payer, a Mr Sparrey proved he did not need to pay HMRC for an agreed tax underpayment.  This was because as a PAYE liability, prima facie, the tax should have been accounte

Tony Margaritelli takes the opportunity to talk about issues that have hit the news or not in the last few weeks.

Tax reliefs are a necessary part of any tax system and play a significant role in defining the scope of tax, HM Treasury has said in response to the Public Accounts Committee’s finding in June that


Over a third of callers to HMRC helplines are waiting 10 or more minutes for their call to be answered, according to the latest 


HMRC has dismissed claims that letters sent to child benefit recipients inviting them to consider whether they should pay the


HMRC has appointed two new non-executive directors to its board.