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I am sure Companies House used to have a really good little booklet detailing directors responsibilities and I was looking for it today to give to a client.  I found this instead:


I note commentary in Taxation approving of ‘High Tech’ solutions.  This would encompass (I gather) everyone signing up to the ‘Cloud’.


Technology is wonderful.  BUT:


A new union at HMRC, the R&C Trade Union (RCTU), says it can get a better deal for its members by talking with managers ra


In the recent case of J Day & A Dalgety, two taxpayers had sold three properties that they owned together.

I’m a trusting soul, so when I was told by HMRC that the April Employer Bulletin would clarify what the PAYE penalty regime is now, I believed them.


In previous years we have submitted P11D expenses claims to HMRC P.O. Box 1970 Liverpool.

Is anyone aware of a change?


The former directors of an eco-electrical manufacturing company has been sentenced for a £220,000 VAT fraud at Salisbury Crown Court last Friday.

HMRC is making good progress with online services but needs to improve its customer service and worker morale.


Access via a freedom of information (FOI) request to the actual and budgeted costs of the project to move HMRC's old website to GOV.UK raises some questions about the claimed savings of the tra