Scammers concocted a convincing replica of an HMRC Employer Bulletin in an increasingly sophisticated approach to phishing for personal information from businesses and accountants.


Some people by nature are late , late, late and it is water of a duck's back . This really bugs the type A people (like I used to be but no much any more) ) .


It’s the last day to file your tax return.

UPDATE 29 January: HMRC has confirmed that the problems it was having with missing data in its Business Tax Dashboard extended beyond the tax mont


An upper tier tribunal has ruled in favour of HMRC in a long-running case concerning the tax deductibility of business travel expenses.


With only eight months to go until the referendum on Scottish independence, tax is becoming one of the main issues in the campaigns for both sides.


The Revenue is taking another step in its digital strategy as it announced plans to open a digital centre in the North East.

One of the problems of trying to design a nice, neat efficient computer system to administer and collect taxes is that the poor, unfortunate officers at HM Revenue and Customs are concerned that th

The statutory rules that specify the maximum penalties which can be levied by HMRC according to certain types of conduct ranging from negligent behaviour to deliberate and concealed

The Revenue has relaxed its stance on client authorisations so that third parties can ask for information to be sent to a taxpayer - after providing certain details - without having a 64-8 form