I have an ever questioning mind ...  and something odd struck me.


HMRC is continuing with its anti-evasion publicity campaign, “closing in on undeclared income”, through targeted advertisements on over 3,000 billboards in public spaces.

A VAT fraudster has been ordered to repay crime profits of £2.4 million within six months, or face a further seven years' jail time.

Afternoon all.

Would like to pick your brains to see if there is a way around me avoiding a £100 fine for late submission of a CT600 return.


A couple of issues I have never managed to resolve when using HMRC's Joint Online filing software - I wonder if anyone knows any solutions?!



I have just received (02/09/13) a batch of late filing penalties dated 14/08/13).

HMRC say "Please pay these penalties within 30 days of the date shown on this notice."


HMRC’s proposed changes to the tax rules of LLPs would make it harder for smaller firms to finance themselves and may drive many to transfer to operate exclusively through a company, according


A big recent conviction showed HMRC making headway against the surge of bogus tax rebate claims that have plagued the self assessment system in recent years.


Telecoms giant Vodafone made a multimillion pound settlement with HMRC in 2009 regarding tax returns at an Irish subsidiary, according to