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Thousands of online sellers will need to get their tax affairs in order as HMRC wields its expanded powers to get user information from online marketplaces like Amazon, Gumtre



We reported this in our 9am lowdown yesterday: 

"HMRC fines amnesty as taxman faces backlog


Knock, knock. Who's there? The. The who?

The news. 

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Deloitte appoints record number of female partners

A former HMRC tax officer who set up an online business trading games consoles, video games and DVDs has been sentenced for stealing more than £12,000 from the public purse.


Recent tax case law has brought out some interesting points on how the Courts view operational issues.

A recent case on trading losses could have implications going forward as it was found that, in the specific circumstances, losses from an acquired trade could be used against profits from the exist

In his latest video blog Tony looks at radical new HMRC proposals to introduce DAS which is Differentiated Agent Services whereby some agents will be granted greater powers and have more access to


I am sure Companies House used to have a really good little booklet detailing directors responsibilities and I was looking for it today to give to a client.  I found this instead:


I note commentary in Taxation approving of ‘High Tech’ solutions.  This would encompass (I gather) everyone signing up to the ‘Cloud’.


Technology is wonderful.  BUT: