The First Tier Tax Tribunal recently heard the case of Ghelanis Superstore and Cash and Carry Ltd v HMRC (TC03251).

HMRC have recently won 2 cases where the taxpayer failed to show they had a 'resonable excuse' for their conduct and so suffered penalties.

HMRC has said that it will delay the introd


As part of its digital strategy, HMRC has launched three pilot online services


Reports are coming through of a return of the highly lucrative bogus tax refund scam.


HMRC has begun sending text messages to some customers who have put in a claim for tax credits.

The texts will be sent to acknowledge receipt of their claims.


HMRC reported a record-breaking self assessment season in 2014, with more than 93% of filers meeting both the online and paper deadlines.


Scammers concocted a convincing replica of an HMRC Employer Bulletin in an increasingly sophisticated approach to phishing for personal information from businesses and accountants.


Some people by nature are late , late, late and it is water of a duck's back . This really bugs the type A people (like I used to be but no much any more) ) .


It’s the last day to file your tax return.