I have just received a coding notice for my good self, taxing my expenses reported on the electronic P11D.


Tax avoidance protest group UK Uncut Legal Action has lost a High Court case against HMRC over the lawfulness of a tax settlement with Goldman Sachs


HMRC has published an updated guide to capital gains tax rules in the hope of reducing errors in tax returns.

I have logged in to HMRC and looked at what tax returns were outstanding and saw this;

"The following tax return(s) have been issued but not recieved."


HMRC responded to lobbying from the profession and this week announced it was dropping plans to revise the extra statutory concession (ESC) that applies when the department fails to act on informat


HMRC has moved several of its helplines from 0845 numbers to cheaper 03 numbers, with the full switch due to be complete by the end of summer.


Wealthy investors who bought shares in intellectual property companies could face criminal investigations as HMRC increases pressure on aggressive tax planning.


Slightly odd one this.