Pensions liberation may sound like an unlikely revolutionary political movement but in fact it’s the phrase used for schemes which supposedly allow people to access their pension saving before

UK businesses and academic organisations may do less research after after the withdrawal of an exemption of VAT on research, businesses and universities said.


Today I have received Self Assessment statements dated 25 & 26 June 2013.

49 and 50 days is ridiculous.


An employee share option scheme that is conditional on employees paying their PAYE liability should not be subject to a charge under section 222, a tax tribunal has ruled.

HMRC has poached the current chief information officer (CIO) of Vodafone, Mark Dearnley, to head up their £500m-a-year IT operations.


An HMRC consultation around measures to rein in “high risk” promoters of tax avoidance scheme would also require users of tax avoidance schemes “to amend their tax returns accordingly” if the arrag


HMRC this week confirmed that it would pursue a cross-tax single compliance process (SCP) for enquiries into the tax affairs of small and medium-size businesses.


One for David Winch?


I am mandated tax agent for me son and a 64-8 has been lodged and acted on previously.