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Simon Bowles, CFO at HMRC, is to leave his post at the helm of

HMRC has apologised for worry and inconvenience caused to taxpayers by the issue of incorrect tax statements and cheques since mid-September.


The Revenue is to remove form R27 for bereaved taxpayers from 13 October. 


HMRC has “stopped” issuing income tax repayments after a leaked email revealed that end of year tax reconciliations for thousands of taxpayers may have been calculated wrongly, the Telegraph re


Storing and retrieving scanned HMRC documents (and others )


HMRC has opened its doors for a new wave of 250 graduates to ent


HMRC has invited evidence on the potential impact of withdrawing three extra-statutory concessions (ESC) and views on draft legislation to enact two others.


In the First-Tier Tribunal case of K Moorthy (TC3952) the judge noted that the taxpayer ended up in a worse position regarding his compensation for loss loss of office following the decision than i