I have checked HMRC's list of approved professional bodies and cannot find :

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

British Psychological Society


Been waiting 30 minutes for FTax software to hook up a SA100 with HMRC, but can't get an IRmark.

I filed 2 returns earlier this afternoon and it was working fine then.


HMRC has received £342m from Switzerland as a result of the Swiss-UK tax deal which came into force on 1 January. 


HMRC tax advice helplines will go from using costly 0845 prefixes to cheaper 03 ones by the end of the summer, according to MPs.


The frustrations of taxpayers’ refunds disappearing into interminable HMRC security checks has not gone away, according to founder and blogger Elaine Clark.


Do I attach both the tagged files for tax and accounts from VT to my HMRC CT600 filing tool? It only seems to want one attachment, so I've attached the accounts file.


Client had a letter through recently. She has only been in SA since 2011-12.

HMRC wrote to her to ask for a copy of her p45 in relation to the previous (2010/11) year.


HMRC has updated its free tax calculation app.

HMRC and the technology outsourcers that manage its computer systems came under fire in the parliamentary debate on tax avoidance this week, reported our sister site