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What is the job of a tax collection agency ?


HMRC’s long-running “soft landing” for the RTI regime took another few steps this morning when it announced a number of 


I am a Tax Practitioner.  As a Chartered Accountant and former Inspector of Taxes, I have always been taught [and sought] to act ethically.

A number of AccountingWEB members were left confused by HMRC's lack of communcation about the demise of the payslip paper self assessment reminder.


HMRC has launched online interactive maps, pinpointing various tax criminals and taskforces across the UK. 


When taxpayers become involved in a tax dispute with HMRC they may feel they are in a David and Goliath situation.


HMRC has opened up applications for its two international training and development programmes, for senior managers and tax auditors. 


When a taxpayer or HMRC asks the tax tribunal to settle a tax dispute both sides have to abide by the Tribunal Procedure rules.


Submit your VAT EC Sales List Submissions to HMRC directly from Easy Digital Downloads or Woo Commerce.

One is left wondering how on Earth this could happen? And moreover, how much the pensioner spent on the HMRC helpline trying to let them know.