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Self Assessment season is upon us again…

As of today HMRC's website has officially migrated to GOV.UK.


We have a new client that has received a bill from HMRC regarding Premier Strategies tax scheme Excalibur.


HMRC is seeking an employment taxes expert to appoint to the existing GAAR panel.

Controversial plans to give HM Revenue & Custom the power to raid bank accounts to recover unpaid tax directly have been revised by the Treasury, granting the taxpayer with a longer appeal time

In the recent case of Julian Martin v HMRC, the Upper-Tier Tribunal found that an employee re-paying a signing bonus should receive tax relief because the repayment amounted to ‘negative pay’ for t

From 1 December 2014, the rules for General Betting Duty, Pool Betting Duty and Remote Gaming Duty will change, requiring gambling operators to pay duty on betting, pool betting and remote gaming a

Employers, payroll experts and software developers will meet HMRC on 4 December at the inaugural meeting of the Employment and Payroll Group (EPG), the department has announced.

The Annual Tax Summary is a personalised tax summary which was sent to around 24 million UK taxpayers from the start of November 2014.