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HMRC have recently purchased advertising pointing out that offshore income and gains may be taxable in the UK. This is true.

Having problems login in to HMRC- seems agents system is not working- tried to different Pc's just in case

anyone else have this issue!


HMRC is trialling the use of ‘visualisation maps’ to help people make sense of the UK’s labyrinthine tax laws and regulations.


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RSM’s senior tax partner George Bull has joined the chorus demanding independent oversight of HMRC software standards in the wake of an error that led to thousands of pounds in 


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It’s HMRC phishing season!


Under the Government’s plans to create ‘a modern and fairer tax system’, most businesses, self-employed people, and landlords will be required to update their tax affairs at least quarterly via dig

HMRC staff want to quit ‘within the year’


HMRC chief executive Linda Homer has been named Dame Commander of the Order of the Bath (DCB), one of the highest accolades in the 


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FRC investigates Grant Thornton