A growing gap between salaries of senior workers in HMRC and their private sector counterparts is damaging morale and may undermine efforts to reduce tax avoidance,


The courts continue to find in favour of HMRC in cases involving avoidance schemes, with the most recent example being Vaccine Research Limited Partnership and another v CRC at the Upper Tribunal.

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An Oxfordshire barrister has been jailed for three years after pleading guilty to a £274,000 tax fraud.


HMRC has announced plans to cut a further 14 offices, including more than 1,000 jobs, by December 2015. 


Many contractors, especially in the IT industry will currently be pondering whether or not to reach agreement with HM Revenue and Customs under their Contractor Loans Settlement Opportunity.

The UK’s tax gap in 2012/13 was 6.8% of tax liabilities or £34bn, according to HMRC’s latest estimate.


HMRC has launched a new online service for UK financial institutions to register and report financial i


There is “extremely overwhelming” evidence that ending taxpayer confidentiality would result in a loss of tax revenue, HMRC’s tax assurance commissioner has told MPs.

Simon Bowles, CFO at HMRC, is to leave his post at the helm of