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A new Business Tax Dashboard was added to HMRC’s website during the time it was offline for maintenance over Easter.


An increasingly powerful HMRC should not be allowed to act as “prosecutor, jury, judge and executioner”, the president of the Chartered Institute of Taxation has warned.


HMRC has apologised to callers who were unable to get through to its contact centres due to the “


The High Court has allowed campaign group UK Uncut Legal Action a preliminary permission hearing over HMRC’s alleged £10m “sweetheart” tax deal with Goldman Sachs.


Small business record-keeping apps are all the rage this week, after HMRC put out a statement announcing the availability of eight new record-keeping mobile phone applications for businesses below


George Osborne has outlined what he expects from HMRC over the 2012-13 financial year in his remit letter to ch


HMRC is setting up a dedicated bereavement services team to deal with PAYE and Self Assessment when taxpayers die.


Chancellor George Osborne has expressed shock after looking at 20 anonymised tax returns of multi-millionaires who have exploited tax loopholes to legally reduce their tax bills.


The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has criticised HMRC’s decision to shut down its online services over the Easter break as it shows “little understanding for the needs of businesses”.