A recent blog post from ICAS director of tax Derek Allen highlighted a brace of tribunal cases where HMRC came up short in its approach to discovery assessments.


HMRC has set out how it deals with taxpayer disputes via its refreshed Litigation and Settlement Strategy (LSS), but the updated policy and guidance could have wider implications.


With the help of tax advisers, AccountingWEB has assembled a guide to the areas on which taxpayers have appealed late payment and filing penalties. [Updated 5 January 2012]


HMRC’s habit of waiting several months before sending out penalty notices for late PAYE returns was roundly criticised last month by a tribunal judge in the case of


HMRC’s disclosure campaigns have been highly successful at generating new revenues, but what effect are they having on the profession?


HMRC’s “interim solution” to help administer the Department of Work and Pensions’ Universal Credit has come under fire from the payroll software industry.


HMRC has announced that five ‘ghost’ plumbers have been arrested and a further 600 are under civil investigation for failing to pay the right amount of tax.


The future of HMRC’s Time to Pay scheme has been called into question today by a team of independent business advisors who claim the initiative’s survival could be under threat.


VAT-registered businesses with a turnover of less than £100,000 will have to file their VAT returns online from April 1 2012, HMRC has proposed.


I am about to run my accountancy practice as a limited company.