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Is it just me or does HMRC's own software calculate tax on interest incorrectly?


Accountants have labelled the construction industry as those most likely to provide incorrect information on their tax returns, according to a new survey.


A woman raising two children whose salary fell by half after separating from her alcoholic husband won an appeal against a late tax payment surcharge.


The government has unveiled proposals to ban cash payments for scrap metal in an attempt to stop the rising problem of metal theft.

Clients without unique tax reference (UTR) numbers are a bane at this time of year, and create a new complication for advisers getting their heads around the new automatic late-filing penalty r


Mark Lee reviews the history of the January rush and wonders if it will ever change.


HMRC acted yesterday to defuse administrative problems and taxpayer anger over the call centre s


An upper tribunal decided that HMRC was correc

HMRC said it will waive £100 late filing penalties for those unable to access the Self Assessment helpline on 31 January due to the department's expected call centre strike.


While two of Portsmouth FC’s former senior managers are in court in London