Having lit the fuse for September's media monstering of HMRC over the PAYE reconciliation backlog, the National Audit Office released a report on Wednesday identifying weak support for advisers as


Businesses that offer free promotional samples may be entitled to a VAT rebate following a decision by the European Court of Justice.


We have received a letter (agents copy) from HMRC, received 20 days after post date, but that is another story!


AccountingWEB members have flagged up a minor bug in HMRC’s Corporation Tax efiling mechanism that blocks submissions that include both PDF and iXBRL format files for computations and accounts.


I have just emailed a client that they should have joined the CIS scheme several months ago.


Lecturer and TAXtv presenter Tim Good warned practitioners this month about unwelcome complications arising from the recent


An HMRC spokesman has quashed rumours that the department is planning to write off £1.5bn in unpaid taxes.

The number of complaints cases where HMRC’s decision has negatively affected vulnerable groups of people, including pensioners, has grown in recent years according to a new report by the offici