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HMRC is lacking in skills, has no idea how much it spends on skills development or where it spends it, the National Audit Office (NAO)


HMRC have just called us regarding a client of ours. Leastways ... they said they were HMRC!


Client is usually a bit forgetful and over the years underpays/overpays PAYE until at the end of the year he's overpaid.


HMRC is asking for more businesses and software developers to join the PAYE Real

Hi all,

Was hoping some of the boards experts might be able to give a bit of quick advice.


HMRC is to change its Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system to detect owed deductions on a monthly basis, rather than yearly, in a bid to make the system easier for employers.


The maker of Lucozade, the sports energy drink, has lost an attempt to prove that it is a “functional food” rather than a beverage, in a ruling that means that the product will be subject to VA

HMRC has capped penalties for late returns of payment information to contractors under the Construction


My Miss Cashstrapped has a large tax debt with HMRC. She has had a series of payment plans with them and has kept to her side of the agreement throughout.


Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp will stand trial in January for allegedly evading tax on £180,000 of his earnings.