It's late - I'm probably being blind (or thick, or both! :) ).


After becoming self-employed, I submitted my first tax return (paper) for 05-06, and encountered no problems in it's processing.


HMRC has published a practical guide to Business Record Checks covering invoices, receipts and deductions, what information needs to be updated regularly and what records you need to keep for t

Christopher Lunn & Co of Crowborough, Sussex, succeeded this week in convincing a Judical Review to overturn an HMRC ban from acting as an agent.


The Employer CD-ROM will not be issued this year, and instead the range of tools on it will be available to download from HMRC’s website.


Our client, a typical subbie on CIS, gets a compliance check. The income declared on his SATR is short by around £9k according to the CIS information HMRC hold.


Businesses looking to defer paying their tax bills are feeling the squeeze with many finding it increasingly difficult to secure Time To Pay arrangements under the Business Payment Support Sche


I have a client for whom I manage a small payroll. Each month they pay their PAYE liability online, on time. I don't believe they have ever missed a due date.


A committee of MPs has publicly accused HMRC of failing in its duty to process PAYE accurately and on time.


HMRC is facing another media onslaught over its management of PAYE records after an MP released figures showing that more than 9m National Insurance payments going back to 2004-05 have not been cre