Rebecca Benneyworth considers the evidence gathered during HMRC’s pilot record checks in 2006-7 and considers what its new approach will mean for advisers and their clients in 2011.


It is no secret that one of the most intractable problems that the OTS is wrestling with is the question of IR35 (although at the start it was seen as possibly providing a “quick win”).


Proposals by HMRC to check record keeping by SMEs are flawed, says the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) in its response to


HMRC this week extended its hardline stance to what it calls “deliberate defaulters”, who will now be subject to a five-year period of close scrutiny.


With insolvency experts predicting an increase in company failures, evidence is emerging that HMRC is adopting a harder line on outstanding debts and voluntary agreements.



It's late - I'm probably being blind (or thick, or both! :) ).


After becoming self-employed, I submitted my first tax return (paper) for 05-06, and encountered no problems in it's processing.


HMRC has published a practical guide to Business Record Checks covering invoices, receipts and deductions, what information needs to be updated regularly and what records you need to keep for t

Christopher Lunn & Co of Crowborough, Sussex, succeeded this week in convincing a Judical Review to overturn an HMRC ban from acting as an agent.