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Chancellor George Osborne has expressed shock after looking at 20 anonymised tax returns of multi-millionaires who have exploited tax loopholes to legally reduce their tax bills.


The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has criticised HMRC’s decision to shut down its online services over the Easter break as it shows “little understanding for the needs of businesses”.


Hi Everyone,


I have recently launched my own business (in November).



I just tried to pay CT online via faster payments. HMRC cannot accept a faster payment.The cynic in me says that it enables them to charge me interest for an extra few days.


A husband and wife have been sentenced at the Old Bailey for attempting to steal £220,000 through a complex VAT fraud involving designer goods.

Two Glasgow restaurant owners have been detained on suspicion of failing to pay the right amount of VAT in an investigation led by HMRC. 


Management consultancy PA is seeking leave to appeal after losing an appeal court decision millions of pounds of bonus payments made to employees as dividends rather than employment income.

Victory by electrical retailer could set a precedent in helping mobile dealers reclaim tax from HMRC