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HMRC has published answers to frequently asked questions about complex new rules to prevent employers from disguising large 

The taxman has extended a trial scheme to resolve disputes with small and medium-sized enterprises more quickly and cheaply, reports Nick Huber.


A new “amnesty” facility by HMRC to tackle suspected tax fraud using civil powers has been welcomed by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT).


The Court of Appeal's decision last month in


HMRC has identified over £9m owed in undeclared tax as a result of its fast food outlet crackdown in London and revealed big business involvement. 


Tax officials are entitled to investigate a tax return after the usual one-year limit has passed if their discovery assessment letter meets one of two tests, according to a recent Court of Appe


Employees who owe the taxman less than £3,000 in tax can pay the money in monthly instalments through Pay As You Earn (PAYE), HMRC has said.


Taxpayers can pay their tax faster by using a new electronic payment service provided by HMRC, reports Nick Huber.


Prime minister David Cameron today set the government on course to introduce an anti-avoidance tax rule for big business and wealthy individuals. 


Both HMRC and commercial software developers dealt reasonably well with support calls before Christmas, but now that the January Self Assessment season has kicked off in earnest, will they continue