Client has completed the authorization through Government Gateway but when I called HMRC to inquire a VAT matter I was told they still have to receive the 64-8 form by post.


New Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) president Anthony Thomas started his term of office last week with a


The government’s struggle to shore up the budget deficit is being undermined by its losing battle to contain serious fraud.


The First-tier Tribunal has dismissed a taxpayer’s appeal that he became resident in the UK as a result of compassionate leave, resulting in him being taxable on all his income.

Over the last few years I've been selling an ebook on tax investigations: Tax Investigation for Dummies: Everything you wanted to know about a tax investigation but were too afraid (or skint) to as


IBB Solicitors' Funke Abimbola examines claims by HMRC that league rules govern


The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of HMRC in a tax avoidance case

HMRC has set its sights on restaurant owners in London who are deliberately evading paying tax as part of a new “industry specific” team approach.


If you try to file a nil 2010/11 P11db online using third party software it is likely to fail HMRC validity checks and submission will be rejected.