I'm going to crowdfund the next ebook - which will be a practical guide to penalties.For those who don't know, the success of crowdfunding projects is largely dependent on the rewards that are pack


AccountingWEB members are reporting problems with PAYE codes this morning following HMRC maintenance work over the weekend on its computer systems.


Having identified that small business taxes act as an incentive for incorporation, the House of Lords personal services companies (PSC) committee said the government should consider combining i


'Marital amnesia' in which employers forget who their spouses are was just one example identified by HMRC in a list of the worst excuses received over the last year from those who haven't been


The High Court case of Mehjoo v Harben Barker attracted a lot of attention both in the media and amongst accountants, regarding specialist tax advice.

Hi all

Just wondering when I will be able to fill a tax return for 2013/14 - i.e will it become available on the HMRC website after the 5th April 2014?


I was submitting some company tax returns on 31/03/14 and the confirmations I was getting from HMRC were out by 1 hour. They don't seem to have adjusted their clocks on 30/03/14!


It’s crunch time, according to the title of the latest episode in our five-part BDO alternative dispute resolution (ADR) video mini-series.

I've just been revamping the 'Dirty Tactics' page of the website and I've added a new one.


does anyone know when HMRC will take down their online systems in April to upload the new tax codes etc? or do you know where to look as I can't find it. Thanks