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The committee which monitors HMRC’s compliance has seen its scope cut and its members gagged by confidentially clauses.


The latest case heard before the First Tier Tribunal highlights the important tax consequences for payments resulting from the termination of employment.

Those (like me!) who appreciate the significance of the above headline will be thinking ‘Tax is Fun’ and ‘This is Fascinating’.  For the rest I challenge you to struggle on to the end.

Mark Lee takes a look at HMRC’s report on Trends in the Tax Agent market and finds it somewhat underwhelming


HMRC has released news that the UK tax gap, the difference between tax collected and tax owed, has again steadily fallen.


Most taxpayers submitting their 2014/15 tax returns by paper must do so by midnight 31 October 2015.

After a lengthy appeals process, the Supreme Court has ruled on whether a taxpayer can claim double taxation relief for income from a US Limited Liability Company (LLC).

When it became obvious to anyone who cared that HMRC were turning Working Together away from a genuine collaboration with real accountants across the UK interacting with each other and HMRC in a re


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