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HMRC announces flood support


Having listened to the latest Autumn Statement proposal, the very cynical might wonder whether HMRC’s biggest enemy today is no longer the multinational conglomerate that arranges its affairs s


The law firm Simmons & Simmons has announced it will support a homeless charity’s £1m VAT appeal case on a pro bono basis.


Mondelez International, the American owners of Cadbury UK, is facing renewed criticism after a report revealed that it has paid no UK corporation tax since 2010.


HMRC has today announced a focus on the assets of strippers, escort agencies and lap dancing clubs, with the creation of a new ‘adult entertainment’ taskforce.


HMRC is writing to 2.2m taxpayers over the next week informing them that they have identified as being subject to the Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT) when it comes into force on 6 April 2016


HMRC’s PAYE Online servers started playing up yesterday, causing delays and frustration for companies and agents attempting to file monthly full payment submissions.


Morning! Here’s the news.

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HMRC’s £300m stamp duty clampdown

The complexities of Double Taxation loom gain in our multinational global economy.

Last week (18/11/15) we got locked out of HMRC online account due to 3 wrong password attempts (long story how that happened).