The Coalition's plans to introduce a Universal Credit system might be delayed because HM Revenues & Customs doubts it can produce the necessary real-time ICT systems.

Many contractors could pay less in penalties for late monthly returns under rules recently announced by HMRC.


The scenario:

Client files a p35 showing a substantial tax refund, due to the deduction of significant amounts of CIS tax.

No refund is issued and nothing is heard from HMRC.


The Aspire IT outsourcing consortium led by Capgemini accounted for 44% of HMRC’s 2009-10 supplier budget, reports

With MPs pursuring an inquiry into HMRC's workings, Simon Sweetman launches his own performance review.


From the end of November, HMRC has announced that it will close its contact centres on Sundays.

A committee of MPs has launched yet another Parliamentary inquiry into HMRC internal workings.

5 Tax Editor Rebecca Benneyworth has compiled the community’s feedback on the FHL rules consultation paper and submitted them to HMRC.

HMRC event in Birmingham on 3 November will feature working versions of latest iXBRL-compatible tools.