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Hi all, any advice helpful

Having received a letter from HMRC about yet another telephone survey someone rang me to start the survey.


HMRC have been chasing a client for accounts. He said he's sent me information and he asked me to phone HMRC and explain.

The disruptions caused by the 30 June HMRC staff strike highlighted an important precedent on the proof required to show a return was submitted in time, according to Baker Tilly’s George Bull.


In my final piece on the content of HMRC’s consultation about the future relationship with agents, I turn to the potentially most controversial aspect of the document, and third strand in HMRC’


I have seen some pages from various websites circa August 2009 mentioning the time limit being increased to 4½ years (from the later of the time of supply or the consideration falling due).


My FOI request resulted in the following response:
Central Policy

Information Strategy Team
Room 1C/26
100 Parliament Street


HMRC’s unofficial Agent Strategy roadshow will swing through Essex next week, when deputy director Brian Redford will address a joint gathering of the CIOT’s Essex and Suffolk branches in Colcheste

The Upper Tribunal has delivered the decision in Commissioners for HMRC v BAA Limited, reversing the First Tier Tribunal's

Government tax policy is inconsistent and confusing new laws are being introduced without sufficient consultation – potentially undermining the crackdown on tax avoidance, a House of Lords comm