Lecturer and TAXtv presenter Tim Good warned practitioners this month about unwelcome complications arising from the recent


An HMRC spokesman has quashed rumours that the department is planning to write off £1.5bn in unpaid taxes.

The number of complaints cases where HMRC’s decision has negatively affected vulnerable groups of people, including pensioners, has grown in recent years according to a new report by the offici

Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has unveiled new plans to pursue taxes lost through evasion and avoidance.


Two VAT carousel fraudsters had their jail sentences increased by 10 years each after failing to pay back HMRC confiscation orders amounting to £184.6m - the largest ever.

As the department comes under increasing pressure to cut costs, critics have called HMRC's service levels into question.


With MPs and journalists crawling all over HMRC to identify signs of operational failure, more evidence is emerging of belt-tightening and focusing staff time on high priority work.


HMRC’s senior executives appeared before the House of Commons Treasury select committee this morning to discuss the PAYE system.


I have a self employed client who owes HMRC around £50k. They recently sent him a distraint notice so it's not long before the bailiff is due. The client owes both SA and VAT.