A committee of MPs has launched yet another Parliamentary inquiry into HMRC internal workings.

5 Tax Editor Rebecca Benneyworth has compiled the community’s feedback on the FHL rules consultation paper and submitted them to HMRC.

HMRC event in Birmingham on 3 November will feature working versions of latest iXBRL-compatible tools.

The reality of a regular Working Together session on Wednesday morning provided a stark contrast with the chancellor's Spending Review announcement for Simon Sweetman.


HMRC was spared any large scale spending cuts in the government's Comprehensive Spending Review, but the department is expected to make efficiency savings of 25% through enhanced use of new tec


Why is a refund showing on a PAYE submission online not repaid with the same certainty of 5 days as the SA system gives?


Rebecca Benneyworth takes a closer look at the NAO's findings on how HMRC interacts with tax advisers and finds plenty of food for thought.


HMRC’s increasing focus on individual customers, and a deliberate dumbing down of its communications with taxpayers has improved its effectiveness, according to one of the department’s senior marke


One of my clients has just received a £400 penalty notice for not filing a P35. They chuck these letters around like confetti at this time of year and a high percentage of them are always wrong.