This is an extract from a letter received by a client when they notified a change of address for VAT:


HMRC’s investigation into Rangers Football Club got underway again in Edinburgh this week with an unpaid tax bill of £24m in question.

HMRC has launched two new toolkits to help tax agents and their clients minimise mistakes when dealing with company losses and chargeable gains for companies.

I  just received a letter to send some information to the Credibility VAT Office and I have a couple of queries.


The year 1982 means different things to different people - Argentina invaded the Falklands and Bucks Fizz was top of the charts.


Can any users out there confirm whether this is hearsay or fact?  I've heard that hassling HMRC means they are more likely to hassle you, eg ask for a VAT concession and get a VAT inspection.


Interesting to note that the HMRC online PAYE year end submissions facility is unavailable for the period from 04 April 2011 to 06 April 2011 due to "routine maintenance".  A very suitable time for


HMRC is proceeding with Real Time Information (RTI) on a revised timetable set for April 2013 from the original


After a series of successful trials, HMRC is putting more resources into its Agent Account Manager programme.