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Tradespeople such as roofers and bricklayers and people who make money from home catalogues are next in line for HMRC’s rolling programme of tax crackdowns which have raised more than £500m so


HMRC will soon be able to require employers to pay a security where there is serious risk that they won’t pay their PAYE tax deductions or NICs.


David Perrin, a former deputy managing director at Vantis Tax, has been jailed for 18 months after trying to defrauded taxpayers of £70m.


The traditional P45 form summarising tax paid at then the end of an employment will remain in use after a change of heart at HMRC.


HMRC’s programme of Business Record Checks is going back to the drawing board.


With Self Assessment season over for another year, Robert Lovell looks back at practitioners' experiences during the last month.


Members of AccountingWEB's Working Together eGroup have started a thread questioning HMRC's timetable for sending out new tax codes.

Is it just me or does HMRC's own software calculate tax on interest incorrectly?


Accountants have labelled the construction industry as those most likely to provide incorrect information on their tax returns, according to a new survey.


A woman raising two children whose salary fell by half after separating from her alcoholic husband won an appeal against a late tax payment surcharge.