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This year was not a good one for HMRC or its permanent secretary for tax, Dave Hartnett.


David Cameron set the tone for the year when he told entrepreneurs at the launch of the 


The country’s financial woes during the past year brought a new level of parliamentary scrutiny to tax and accountancy matters in 2011.

The Commons Public Accounts Committee this week accused HMRC managers of concealing “sweetheart” corporate tax deals from public scrutiny and breaking its own governance processes, resulting in “su


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The National Audit Office (NAO) will launch an investigation led by a judge into corporate tax settlements agreed by HMRC.


You might think that HMRC would be tempted to keep a low profile as 2011 draws to a close, considering the amount of media attention they have attracted for a series of high-profile blunders th


A farmer’s wife running a B&B won her case at a VAT tribunal to overturn HMRC's ruling that it was part of an "aggregated" business registered for VAT.