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Interesting to note that the HMRC online PAYE year end submissions facility is unavailable for the period from 04 April 2011 to 06 April 2011 due to "routine maintenance".  A very suitable time for


HMRC is proceeding with Real Time Information (RTI) on a revised timetable set for April 2013 from the original


After a series of successful trials, HMRC is putting more resources into its Agent Account Manager programme.


Nearly four years ago the government introduced a set of new rules that HMRC must follow when undertaking a taxpayer compliance check.

Are they having a laugh?? That's when I'll need to be filing several Feb VAT returns.


A House of Commons committee report on HMRC’s civil investigations praised the department for improving its performance in difficult circumstances, but highlighted concerns about morale, management


Last year we submitted our accounts and tax on-line, using the HMRC service, with no problems, but this year, we can not do so, because the HMRC on-line service no longer accepts companies with sha


Government agencies taking a “blind eye” to non-compliance are losing the Exchequer up to £16bn a year in lost tax, according to tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy.