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With 100 replies to our online survey, John Stokdyk monitors how HMRC and developers are coping with technical and software problems arising from the growing Self Assessment workload.

The new regime for late filing penalties is throwing up a number of challenges for practitioners during the January Self Assessment rush.


2012 could be a year for significant change at the top of HMRC, indeed it could be a year in which the organisation shows that it can recover against the odds, explains Simon Sweetman.


Dame Lesley Strathie, who resigned as HMRC chief executive in November, died on Saturday 14 January from cancer that was initially diagnosed in July.


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Accounts submitted to HMRC.Filed OK with coys hse.


David Perrin, a professional tax adviser at Vantis, has been convicted of defrauding taxpayers of £70m,


Around 20,000 HMRC call centre staff and enquiry officers have held a half-hour walkout this morning over


In January 2011 I submitted a tax return for a new client. He was due a refund of under £100. I requested it online a few times but it was never sent.


The Court of Appeal has backed the taxman in a ruling that Axa Denplan’s payment system for a dental care scheme was ‘debt collection’ and should therefore be subject to VAT.

HMRC has published answers to frequently asked questions about complex new rules to prevent employers from disguising large