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The National Audit Office (NAO) sounded a note of caution over HMRC’s plan to trim £1.6bn from its cost base over the next four years. Jon Wilcox reports.


I am trying to file the corporation tax return using HMRCs online system for the first time.  Ive looked at their sample Accounts & Computation and see that the accounts have amortisation of Go

The eagerly awaited Gaines-Cooper residency case made it to the Supreme Court last week and is expected to be decided within the next three months.


The real-time information (RTI) environment planned for HMRC’s PAYE Online portal could undermine data quality and needs to be thoroughly tested, according to the National Audit Office.

In view of HMRC hardening attitude to time to pay, has anybody's client 'forced' HMRC into a TTP arrangement?

The head of the National Audit Office urged HMRC to straighten out its litigation and settlements strategy (LSS) in its audit report on the tax department’s 2010-11 accounts, which were qualifi


HMRC has called on the profession to put forward views on the agent strategy consultation document that was


HMRC this week officially launched its campaign to target the 40,000 businesses it believes are earning above the £73,000 threshold, but are not registered for VAT.


Hi all, any advice helpful

Having received a letter from HMRC about yet another telephone survey someone rang me to start the survey.