I have a client for whom I manage a small payroll. Each month they pay their PAYE liability online, on time. I don't believe they have ever missed a due date.


A committee of MPs has publicly accused HMRC of failing in its duty to process PAYE accurately and on time.


HMRC is facing another media onslaught over its management of PAYE records after an MP released figures showing that more than 9m National Insurance payments going back to 2004-05 have not been cre


HMRC’s Aspire IT outsourcing contract with Capgemini is beginning to deliver savings to HMRC and is likely to generate another £1.2bn in savings by 2017, a senior official claimed this week.


 Having got my tax returns done and feeling smug I am now moving well out of my comfort zone and looking at solutions to filing company accounts next (tax) year under IXBRL.



The National Audit Office (NAO) will investigate how HMRC tax inspectors reach settlements with multinationals following the furore surrounding Vodafone's £1.2bn deal.


The Association of Revenue and Customs (ARC) union has stepped up its campaign to re-address the deep cuts that are planned for HMRC over the next three years.


Tax officials have warned a committee of senior MPs to expect an upsurge in avoidance and a widening tax gap if planned cuts to tax collection budgets go ahead.


The government this week back-tracked on its stance over PAYE underpayments when Treasury Exchequer secretary David Gauke confirmed that HMRC would apply Extra Statutory Concession A19 to pensioner