A House of Commons committee report on HMRC’s civil investigations praised the department for improving its performance in difficult circumstances, but highlighted concerns about morale, management


Last year we submitted our accounts and tax on-line, using the HMRC service, with no problems, but this year, we can not do so, because the HMRC on-line service no longer accepts companies with sha


Government agencies taking a “blind eye” to non-compliance are losing the Exchequer up to £16bn a year in lost tax, according to tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy.


HMRC’s stance on postal tax return submissions suffered a blow from First Tier tribunal judge Ann Redston, who last month upheld a taxpayer’s appeal on a CIS return late filing penalty.


Has anybody else encountered this problem.


An unqualified Nottingham-based accountant has been ordered by a judge to pay back £1.4m after stealing from his client's business accounts.

The Office of Tax Simplification has targeted 44 tax reliefs for elimination, plus 17 more that should be simplified.

I had to ring up Scottish Power to clear up a bill payment ... the hold message is issued: