HMRC’s long-term programme to change the way it interacts with accountants could be bogging down, following the publication of underwhelming pilot scheme results


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The recent HMRC repayments brief 28/13 outlines a new policy on withholding repayment claims, particularly in suspected avoidance cases.

HMRC’s online services will be shut down for three days for routine maintenance.


So that time of year is coming and I have to file my first accounts for my LTD company.


I have an ever questioning mind ...  and something odd struck me.


HMRC is continuing with its anti-evasion publicity campaign, “closing in on undeclared income”, through targeted advertisements on over 3,000 billboards in public spaces.

A VAT fraudster has been ordered to repay crime profits of £2.4 million within six months, or face a further seven years' jail time.