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When it became obvious to anyone who cared that HMRC were turning Working Together away from a genuine collaboration with real accountants across the UK interacting with each other and HMRC in a re


Hey everyone,

I had some advice from my accountant and just wanted to check it with you guys if that's okay?


Accountants and clients used to the broad brush “commercial” approach to computing trading profits can get caught out by the different and stricter rules for calculating capital gains.

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I would be grateful for any views on this situation.


Hi all

I'm not sure where to go for help so I thought I'd try here.


Good morning, everyone. I hope all you England supporters have recovered from the disappointment.

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Accountant guilty of tax fraud


A potential client used a tax avoidance scheme from 2008 to 2014 on recommendation of a tax agent.


Unless already registered for Self-Assessment, taxpayers who have chargeable income or gains for the 2014/15 tax year must notify HMRC of this by the 5th October 2015.