Business entity tests intended to help taxpayers assess whether they might be caught by the IR35 intermediaries legislation are not working, according to a focus group of tax professionals.


A bookkeeper who admitted falsifying PAYE tax returns has been jailed for 15 months.


Earlier this week the union representing most HMRC staff claimed that tax evasion is costing more than £80bn a year, an estimate dismissed by HMRC.


The total deductions were about £1000 but HMRC have said the penalties will be £1200 (£100 for 12 months).


HMRC has launched five VAT taskforces in the Midlands as part of an initiative to bring in over £100m in the current tax year.


A new estimate of the UK’s tax gap is “flawed and muddled”, according to HMRC.


As a sole trader, if a start-up first tax return turnover and taxable profits are below the personal allowance.


HMRC has commissioned a report into Business Record Checks (BRCs) and attitudes towards record keeping. That seems to make sense.


In a recent case the tax payer, a Mr Sparrey proved he did not need to pay HMRC for an agreed tax underpayment.  This was because as a PAYE liability, prima facie, the tax should have been accounte

Tony Margaritelli takes the opportunity to talk about issues that have hit the news or not in the last few weeks.