Clients may often give their accountants wild excuses for handing in records late, but it appears some also take a similar tack with the Revenue.


A Bradford accountant and former city councillor who stole more than £100,000 in income tax and VAT has been jailed for two years.


MP Margaret Hodge and her Commons public accounts committee signed off for the Christmas break with a new report taking HMRC to task for its inability to close the £35bn+ tax gap.


A Tribunal has shed light on a more aggressive approach being adopted by HMRC.

 A deed of variation was created within 2 years of death in order to direct the entirety of a residuary estate left by a spouse who died intestate to the surviving spouse rather than to the daughte


HMRC has been exempted from further budget cuts in the next few years, according to yesterday's Autumn Statement.

A GP firm has won two large new NHS deals, despite owing £164,000 to HMRC.


Tax Residence continues to be an interesting area – and an active one for HMRC challenge.