A GP firm has won two large new NHS deals, despite owing £164,000 to HMRC.


Tax Residence continues to be an interesting area – and an active one for HMRC challenge.

ICAEW Tax Faculty chairman Rebecca Benneyworth addresses some of the questions that have been raised in recent months about HMRC’s long-term Agent Strategy.


An IT consultant issues the client self billing system to raise invoices.  Unfortunately due to various reasons (due to no fault of the consultant) invoice has not been raised for six months.  VAT


The chairman of the ICAEW Tax Faculty’s technical committee issued a stirring call for more investment at HMRC to develop a better understanding of both its


Been on HMRC website and difficult to get a definitive answer on this:


A former HMRC employee who stole more than £93,000 in tax credits was jailed for 18 months for fraud. 

The Revenue is targeting 200 employers who recently advertised internships to make sure they're paying the minimum wage, as concerns arise some employers are usi


Staff are quitting HMRC in their highest numbers for four years, according to accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young, a