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We all hoped to leave bullying behind when we left the schoolyard, but the reality is that workplace bullying is alarmingly common.

Poachers made an unwelcome appearance on Any Answers recently, and once the pain of betrayal had subsided, the outbreak provided a chance for members to consider what they could do to retain st


Every April and October we usually see a number of new employment laws released or changes published.


The time accountants spend commuting into work is worth more than £14,000 a year – nearly 20% of the average accountant's salary.


Pension PlayPen will give a leg up to anyone who’s trying – even some clapped out old bank that lost the trust of its customers long ago.

Although we have seen a fair amount of change during the year there are a couple of matters left to be dealt with which happen today.

If you’re reading this article then there’s quite a good chance you’re already fairly familiar with at least the concept of human resource accounting.

Tension between younger and older workers in UK businesses may weaken growth, according to a


Mark Lee talks to Stephen Harvard Davis about best practice when accountancy firms recruit new partners and what to do if the appointment goes wrong.