ICAEW disciplinaries

An accountant who paid himself £1.5m in cheques from his employer's bank accounts has been excluded from the ICAEW for 10 years.


An accountant has succeeded in an appeal to get his ICAEW disciplinary sanctions for breaching audit regulations reduced.  


A Surrey accountant was severely reprimanded and fined £8,450 by the ICAEW for issues discovered following a Quality Assurance Department (QAD) visit.


The ICAEW disciplinary system is quite assiduous about enforcing its rules on reporting and compliance - for example by fining accountants who fail to submit their CPD records.

An accountant suffering from chronic depression has won an appeal to have his


An accountant lost his ICAEW appeal to overturn a disciplinary reprimand after tribunal found he verbally abused and threatened HMRC staff, but he did succeed in getting his fine reduced.


An accountant banned from the ACCA in 2011 has also been excluded from the ICAEW for two years and fined £2,500.


An accountant who failed to pass on details of a former client to another accountancy firm has appealed his ICAEW fine of £3,450 and costs of £1,866.


The ICAEW has excluded an accountant for at le


An accountancy firm that audited a business where one of its principals was a director has been fined and “severely reprimanded” by the ICAEW.