An accountant banned from the ACCA in 2011 has also been excluded from the ICAEW for two years and fined £2,500.


The financial reporting faculty at the ICAEW has


An accountant who failed to pass on details of a former client to another accountancy firm has appealed his ICAEW fine of £3,450 and costs of £1,866.


Accountants may have to sign off all of a client’s annual report, including details about its strategy, “human capital” and environmental impact, an

Beneath the publicity of the really big cases of lack of proper regulation such as MG/Rover how many sad stories are there like this:

The ICAEW has excluded an accountant for at le


Anyone used the ICAEW AML (SWAT UK) service?


Trainee chartered accountants will learn practical skills earlier and there will be less paperwork for their employers under the ICAEW's


Pensions liberation may sound like an unlikely revolutionary political movement but in fact it’s the phrase used for schemes which supposedly allow people to access their pension saving before