Pensions liberation may sound like an unlikely revolutionary political movement but in fact it’s the phrase used for schemes which supposedly allow people to access their pension saving before

An accountant who was sentenced to two years in prison for insider dealing in shares has been excluded from the ICAEW.


It would appear that Vincent Tchenguiz and the Courts are going to pull the ICAEW's head out of the sand regarding the effects of this firm's continued flaunting of its "conflicts of interest".


An accountancy firm that audited a business where one of its principals was a director has been fined and “severely reprimanded” by the ICAEW.

A group of audit experts has warned that branding some companies as “zombies” was unfair and unhelpful

The ICAEW and the Law Society have locked horns over the right of accountants to be licenced for probate work.


H4L has recently published an article on Equity.

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has fined the former boss of failed Christmas savings company Farepak £65,000


A senior finance officer of a limited company was excluded from the ICAEW after being jailed for two counts of fraud.

The ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty has appointed Giles Derry, a partner at