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I have a client who runs a financial services firm and employs his son. He has always traded as a sole trader and has purchased the lease on the offices that the business operates from.


I am puzzling over HMRC guidance on taper relief. Suppose someone makes a lifetime gift of £100,000, then dies six years later, leaving assets of £1M.


HMRC is planning a crackdown on a new type of tax avoidance scheme involving in


AIM stocks which are held for more than 2 years may be free of IHT (as some qualify for BPR)


Dear member,

Can anyone tell me the approximate professional fee for Inheritance Tax works or the best approach to estimate the fee for such works?


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I have a corporate client who I've advised for a while.   The director has asked me to look into a family matter of his, completely separate from the work I've been doing.


Parent is lower rate tax payer, son is higher rate tax payer.

Parent wants to give a property to their son.


Under the new Town & Country Planning rules, where the necessary conditions are met, farm buildings may be converted into up to 3 residential  dwellings  without obtaining the normal planning p