An individual settles unquoted shares in a property investment company on discretionary trusts. The value is circa £50k and he has not previously made chargeable lifetime transfers.


Do I need to complete IHT 100 forms for trusts when no tax payable for 10 year anniversaries or paying out the assets from discretionary trust?


Tolley takes a look at some of the practical effects of the new IHT provisions in Finance Bill 2013 and explains how best to prepare for the changes.

Where a property is inherited and interest payments for IHT are being made to HMRC, (via the 10 year instalments), is the interest payable to HMRC deductible against the property income for SA?  Th


In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, British actor Jeremy Irons suggested that same sex marriage laws could allow fathers to marry their sons to avoid p


Inheritance tax breaks that allow a deduction from the value of an estate for liabilities owed by the deceased on death are to be restricted in response to avoidan

We present a round-up of predictions from our Budget 2013 sponsor TaxCalc and other tax experts. Now it’s your turn.


Heath secretary Jeremy Hunt today confirmed widespread weekend speculation that the government would abandon its election promise of a £1m inheritance tax threshold to pay for the extra costs of lo


These tables reflect announcements made in December 2012.


HMRC has published new guidance on inheritance tax (IHT).