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HMRC is planning a crackdown on a new type of tax avoidance scheme involving in


AIM stocks which are held for more than 2 years may be free of IHT (as some qualify for BPR)


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Can anyone tell me the approximate professional fee for Inheritance Tax works or the best approach to estimate the fee for such works?


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I have a corporate client who I've advised for a while.   The director has asked me to look into a family matter of his, completely separate from the work I've been doing.


Parent is lower rate tax payer, son is higher rate tax payer.

Parent wants to give a property to their son.


Under the new Town & Country Planning rules, where the necessary conditions are met, farm buildings may be converted into up to 3 residential  dwellings  without obtaining the normal planning p


Inheritance tax (IHT) will be waived on the estates of people in the armed forces who die on active duty, the government proposed in its

Husband's will includes a life interest in the residue of his estate to his wife, capital ultimately passing to the children.


Loring v Woodland Trust [2013] EWHC 4400 Ch highlights the care that must be taken when interpreting (and drafting) nil rate band legacies in wills and undertaking inheritance tax planning.