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The solicitor for a client reckons form IHT205 should be completed, but I am not convinced that this estate is an excepted estate.



I work for a property developer, we have been approached by the sole beneficiary or a very ill property owner who is only expected to live until Xmas and is in Hospital in Canada.

A Main Residence Nil Rate Band will be introduced from April 2017, thereby effectively raising the Inheritance Tax threshold for homeowners to £850,000 for married couples or civil partners, rising

Hi, My client received some gifts within 7 years of the donors death, therefore he thinks he needs to pay IHT on it.

As it was a small estate his brother did he paperwork. 


George Osborne has increased the inheritance tax threshold, allowing £1m homes to be passed down to children after death to be free of tax.


Business Property Relief (BPR) is available to reduce the liability to Inheritance Tax (IHT) on the transfer of relevant business assets.

A trust holds shares long term in a property investment company via a 100% interest in holdco.  Clearly no BPR at present.


In 1997 our client settled a part interest in undeveloped commercial land.  He and his wife retained a 60% interest in the land.


The new government should be pondering this question as forms its policies, according the CIOT and the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).


A judge has ordered Romie Tager QC to pay a penalty of more than £1.2m for failing to comply with requests for information about the inheritance tax on his father's estate.