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Life insurance providers disagree over tax rules for critical illness insurance policies.  


Introducing a Scottish Rate of Income Tax may cost £35m, the 


HMRC have recently purchased advertising pointing out that offshore income and gains may be taxable in the UK. This is true.

Client has company A which is an established trading company with significant value and company B which is newly incorporated.  Both are in a similar industry.


The complexities of Double Taxation loom gain in our multinational global economy.

Hey everyone,

I had some advice from my accountant and just wanted to check it with you guys if that's okay?


so when my friend, who's finnish, first came to the UK a couple years ago, she worked as a contractor under an umbrella company.


The Treasury has asked eight great questions which go to the heart

It is probably common knowledge by now that, come April 2016, the regulations that implement the Scottish rate of income tax (SRIT) will come into force, says Diana Bruce of the CIPP.