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The Government is planning changes to the taxation system applying to Limited Liability Partnerships.  From 6 April next year, the intention is to categorise “salaried partners” as employees for ta


If a company is started and qualifies for EIS relief is their any barrier to it changing its trade after the 3 year period?  I would think if that was the intention at the start then it would be ca


My company is intending to acquire rental properties in the UK. Some of them will be HMO properties, others will be blocks with multiple units.

More than £2bn in unpaid tax remains to be collected from offshore trusts that companies unlawfully used to allow employees to minimise income tax, according to HMRC.


HMRC has published more tips on how to reduce errors in tax returns.


Birmingham tax adviser David Douglass was jailed for 18 months after stealing £400,000 in VAT and income tax fraud.


We present a round-up of predictions from our Budget 2013 sponsor TaxCalc and other tax experts. Now it’s your turn.


Whether it is media hype or genuine interest, the public seem addicted to professional attempts at second guessing the Chancellor of the Exchequer each year.


Why has income tax gone up in December 2012 - Gross pay, NI, tax code all stayed the same?


Chancellor George Osborne struck a Robin Hood-style pose during his Autumn Statement as he sought to demonstrate “we are all in this together” by announcing measures to take more tax from the bette