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People will be able earn up to £10,500 tax free from April 2015, an increase of £500 in the personal allowance, Chan

My client worked overseas for a period of time and received employment income with foreign tax deducted.

The recent First-Tier Tribunal (FTT) case of Donovan & McLaren v HMRC has confirmed that regular dividend waivers constitute a settlement for Income Tax purposes.

This morning I received yet another confusing HMRC statement of account for a client.


Suppose X bought £100,000 worth of ordinary shares in a private company and Enterprise Investment Scheme rules applied.


The recent tribunal case of Mr Vaines v HMRC (TC02965) dealt with whether a deduction from trading profits was allowed under the ‘wholly and exclusively’ principles, for an out of court settlement

The Government is planning changes to the taxation system applying to Limited Liability Partnerships.  From 6 April next year, the intention is to categorise “salaried partners” as employees for ta


If a company is started and qualifies for EIS relief is their any barrier to it changing its trade after the 3 year period?  I would think if that was the intention at the start then it would be ca


My company is intending to acquire rental properties in the UK. Some of them will be HMO properties, others will be blocks with multiple units.

More than £2bn in unpaid tax remains to be collected from offshore trusts that companies unlawfully used to allow employees to minimise income tax, according to HMRC.