income tax

The government has delayed a consultation on options to integrate the operation of income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs).


This Income Tax table reflects announcements made on 6 December 2011.

Treasury minister David Gauke this week promised to “lift the lid on tax” by transforming “the customer experience of the personal tax system”, but risked the wrath of tax advisers by refusing to c


Suppose ABC Ltd (not the real name) pays to have a garage at a domestic property (which is jointly owned by Mr and Mrs Smith) converted to habitable space which will then be used


have a client who has bought a property for his son to use, He raised the finance by cashing in endowments remortgaging on his own property and interest only mortgage.


The government has asked experts to help it integrate national insurance contributions (NICs) and income tax. Nick Huber reports.


If store cards such as Marco/Costco are provided to employees then i imagine this is a taxable benefit recordable on the P11D.


A client of mine has received, from her employer an amount of money each month for a salary plus an additional £250 for storing company stock at her house.  Is it possible to put a claim into the H


In idly checking on the tax status of payments under a PHI policy (what we must now call IPI) for a completely different reason (double taxation), I came across an assertion from the Citizens Advic