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Can anyone help with this scenario:

Someone buys a house but for personal reasons does not move in straight away and the property is rented out:


what would be more tax efficient from a self-employed person's point of view - receiving a gift or a loan being repaid from a relative?


Silly season announced itself today with a string of stories trumpeting the big news that the Tories are thinking seriously about merging national insurance with income tax.


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Delivering the coalition’s last Queen's Speech before the 2015


People will be able earn up to £10,500 tax free from April 2015, an increase of £500 in the personal allowance, Chan

My client worked overseas for a period of time and received employment income with foreign tax deducted.

The recent First-Tier Tribunal (FTT) case of Donovan & McLaren v HMRC has confirmed that regular dividend waivers constitute a settlement for Income Tax purposes.

This morning I received yet another confusing HMRC statement of account for a client.


Suppose X bought £100,000 worth of ordinary shares in a private company and Enterprise Investment Scheme rules applied.