A Surrey accountant was severely reprimanded and fined £8,450 by the ICAEW for issues discovered following a Quality Assurance Department (QAD) visit.


The ICAEW has become an approved regulator and licensing authority for the purposes of probate activities and alternative business structures (ABSs), making it the


The ICAEW has hit three of its members with se


A group of audit experts has warned that branding some companies as “zombies” was unfair and unhelpful

The ICAEW made a £1.2m loss in a "challenging" 2012, despite growth in membership, according to the institute’s latest 


An accountant has been excluded from ICAEW membership for dishonestly withdrawing £160,000 over a nine-year period from a limited company for personal use.


AccountingWEB caught up with ICAEW chief executive Michael Izza in Bristol on the day of the Autumn Statement and put to him a number of questions from our members.


Former CIMA council member Margaret May is appealing the recent decision of CIMA that she violated the institute's code


CIMA has defended its withdrawal from membership of the CCAB claiming that its members were paying a "disproportionate” amount of money towards the umbrella body.


I bet the ICAEW website has some useful information and I'll mosey along there, but I'm interested in views from the folks on here - current members, ex-members, never-been-members.