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Those "waking up to money" or to headlines in selected media (ahem!) will be gasping over their croissants at the headline. Is this a further raft of legislation ?

Does anyone know of any brokers that provide revenue audit insurance that covers the cost of the accountants fees in the event of an audit. 


RSA Insurance Group is facing a fine of £35m following the discovery of a £200m black hole in its Irish subsidiary’s finances.


HI, my first post so hello to everyone.


Does anyone know where I can go to get a comprehensive list of all Insurance Premium Taxes (and associated levies) for EEA Countries?  Thanks :-)

Deloitte has denied being sacked by Lloyds Banking Group to operate a call centre handling payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints after it failed to deal wi

I have a client who repairs agricultural equipment. He operates in a partnership, and does not have any employees. He uses subcontractors when additional labour is needed.