Earlier this week the factory next to my warehouse burnt down and the flames stopped 20 feet from my door . It got me thinking . Let's say we went up in smoke and let's say we submitted a claim .


Big Four firm KPMG, plus individual members of the ICAEW and CIMA, are being investigated for their conduct of audits into Lloyd's Syndicate 218, the underwriting group behind the UK’s fifth larges

Insurance premiums incurred by members of Lloyd’s of London insurance market can no longer be deducted before profits from the reinsured underwriting business are taxed, the government has anno


Is car insurance paid by the company for an employee using a company car classed as a benefit in kind?




Now that the dust appears to have settled from UK-wide rioting, AccountingWEB members have looking at the practical effects on businesses.


Dear All,

Am I correct in thinking that the only potential income tax due is that due on the interest that has accrued on the claim? (Not the loan interest refunded or premiums refunded)


I am in the process of making an insurance claim, due to a fire in our office building recently.


 After I successfully fought off a complaint to my professional body with the help of solicitors retained by my insurers, the solicitors have sent me a bill asking me to pay the VAT only as their n