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intangible assets

My company has decided that it wants to improve its balance sheet by placing an intangible asset on it.


Now that tax relief is denied on the amortisation of goodwill (intangible assets), is this also denied on other intangible assets such as website development costs?


While football fans are often locked in fierce debate as to whether their players are assets or liabilities on the field, they may not realise the impact their team has on their club’s balance


When a nursing home is acquired as a going concern by a limited company it is important for accounting and tax purposes that the consideration is allocated appropriately between i) the property, ii

Our client wishes to recognise the value of his Brand on his balance sheet.  This is not a purchased brand or a brand with a ready valuation.  He feels that he can obtain a third party valuation an


The accounting for fixed assets is, in many cases, a straightforward exercise, but it isn’t always so when it comes to the issue of intangible fixed assets and rec


Steve Collings outlines the fundamental principles of accounting for goodwill and intangible assets and assess the differences between current UK GAAP, IFRS and the proposed IFRS for SMEs.