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interest rate swaps

 A recent case heard in the Royal Courts has determ

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) scheme to compensate companies that were mis-sold  interest rate swaps has left many small businesses stranded.


The deadline for claiming redress for a mis-sold interest rate “swap” or other hedging products is 31 May.

Figures from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) show there has been an almost twofold increase in the amount of redress paid to those missold interest rate swap and hedging products in Janua


The first redresses for those mis-sold interest rate hedging products (IRHPs) have been made under the FCA scheme,


Businesses mis-sold interest rate hedging products are dissatisfied with the time banks are taking to issue redress under the FCA scheme, according to


Lloyds Banking Group has breached Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidance on the offer of compensation for interest rate swaps mis-selling.

The scale of interest rate swaps mis-selling is only just becoming apparent, according to All Square