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interest rates

It’s the end of another short week and the headlines this morning feature the latest in the HSBC scandal and plans for paid volunteering leave.


It’s Friday and the news headlines this morning feature the new married couples tax break, Lush getting the Fair Tax Mark, a fresh bank scandal and a think tank warning over pension reforms.

We are being treated to a slow motion interest rate rise by the Bank of England . It's fascinating and unprecedented .


The deadline for claiming redress for a mis-sold interest rate “swap” or other hedging products is 31 May.

Just about the only clever thing Gordon Brown (remember him ? ) did was to depoliticise interest rate setting by handing the job to the Bank of England.


Businesses mis-sold interest rate hedging products are dissatisfied with the time banks are taking to issue redress under the FCA scheme, according to


A government proposal to deduct income tax at source from interest on compensation payments to individuals should be introduced gradually in order to reduce disruption to businesses.

Business managers and their advisers are wrestling with the financial fallout from interest rate hedging products offered by their banks that went wrong.


Barclays has admitted to mistakenly selling interest rate products to small businesses using a presentation that had only been authorised to be shown to investment professionals.