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Hello All,

I'm a qualified accountant who has been practicing taxes for over 11years outside of Europe. I am a sort of generalist (corporate, personal and VAT).


The OECD is worried about tax tourism. The USA is worried about tax tourism.




I have a question about the tax treatment of an intercompany balance in Denmark.


The OECD will reveal on 16 September its first recommendations for international action to tackle “base erosion and profit shifting” (BEPS).

World leaders meeting in St Petersburg today have agreed a new deal


Finance ministers from the G20 group of leading nations have backed plans to tackle international tax avoidance, reports Nick Huber.


Tax specialists from across the profession have come to a broad consensus that reform is needed for a better international tax system rather than a complete overha


Phone card suppliers and other users of face value vouchers could be in line for VAT rebates after the European Court of Justice ruled against HMRC’s treatment of telephone cards in the Lebara VAT.


On line retailers have been in the headlines for the rates of tax they are paying, but David Heaton suggests the tax avoidance axe grinders might not appreciate the full reality of taxing onlin

Exchequer secretary to the Treasury David Gauke last week quietly abandoned a consultation process on draft legislation to thwart tax avoidance arrangements that exploit double taxation agreements.