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The government’s proposal that public sector organisations should be responsible for ensuring that personal services companies (PSC) they engage pay the correct level of tax has been branded un


A potential client (ltd company) has advised us that she believes her contract is within IR35, as she has had previous contracts which have also fallen foul of the legislation.



My company currently:


Attended an AE catch up lecture the other day by Rebecca Bennyworth and she mentioned that IR35, sole director, companies are caught by AE, as the director is a "personal service worker".


Imagine a scenario where by Pedro sets up a limited company is his home country inside the EU. He is the director of the company which provides consultancy services.


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This is my first post so apologies if I miss anything out.  I am trying to help a friend out with a query here is there business structure.


Sixth of April 2016 will see the end of the State Second Pension, which will in turn draw to a close the contracted-out schemes that currently don’t contribute to the State Second Pension.


My client is a plumbing contractor with a few (currently 3) sub-contractors. His working arrangements are as follows:

FreeAgent has launched an IR35 reporting capability to simplify compliance with the personal services company tax legislation.


Reports from contractor groups ahead of Wednesday’s pre-Autumn Statement policy suggest that George Osborne is serious about introducing a new regime to police the use of personal service companies