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My client is a plumbing contractor with a few (currently 3) sub-contractors. His working arrangements are as follows:

FreeAgent has launched an IR35 reporting capability to simplify compliance with the personal services company tax legislation.


Reports from contractor groups ahead of Wednesday’s pre-Autumn Statement policy suggest that George Osborne is serious about introducing a new regime to police the use of personal service companies


The summer of 2015 will not be remembered for its sunshine but it will certainly be remembered by the CIPP as one of the busiest for government consultation publications, says Diana Bruce.


Up to 100,000 professionals could face a hefty tax rise after it was revealed that ministers are discussing tightening rules around personal service companies before the Chancellor’s Autumn Sta


Is a "Management" Job Title an IR35 stumbling block?

All the other IR35 issues are ok - eg. part time work done mainly at home, a couple of other clients.


We have a client who has their own company and has just commenced a contract as a computer consultant. It seems pretty clear on reviewing his role that he is under IR35.


The Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB)  have estimated that over 460,000 workers in the UK are in 'bogus' self-employment, costing the government a substantial amount in under paid tax and National Insu