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Contractor client tells us:

(i) when he wants a dividend, and how much, and would we just prepare the paperwork please; and


Hi all


I am going to give you all the facts before I ask the question..


My husband works for a haulage company (XYZ) as a permanent employee.


We have quoted an IT contractor £112 plus VAT monthly for: company accounts and tax return, monthly management accounts and div paperwork, monthly PAYE, personal tax return, and Cos House annual re


Political parties are laying their cards on the tax and small business policy table.


We have a consultant working around 4 days a week for the company which generates 85% of his income (he has a limited company paying minimum salary and max dividends).  



Abolishing IR35 would cost the taxpayer £550m; more than the cost of continuing to maintain it, according to


I've been looking, without success, to find info regarding penalties if a small business "employs" part-time workers for a just few hours each week to man reception (or do Admin, filing, cleaning,


There is an exclusion from qualifying for the Employment Allowance, set out in s.2(4) N


Those hoping for a significant overhaul to the IR35 regime will be disappointed by today’s publication of an