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HMRC is planning to bring forward further guidance when and how IR35 rules will apply to office holders and directors providing their services through limited companies.


IR35 caught client wants to do a salary sacrifice for a charity donation by his company and expects it to reduce his IR35 deemed payment in the same way that the company paying an employers pension


I have declared my company to be a service company on my employer annual return for many years.


Paragraph 2.103 of today's Autumn Statement revealed that the government "has decided not to proceed with the p


If you consider the amount of tax you or your clients have paid over their lives in various forms to date, you may look back and find areas where you could have saved money. 


IR35 has been an "abject failure" at reaping tax for the Treasury since its inception more than 10 years ago, according to Qdos Consulting. 


Growing numbers of workers risk being caught in anti tax avoidance legislation as they are being misled into using limited companies to get work, say tax campaigners.


Elevate Direct, a new high-tech recruitment platform for contractors, recently launched and has promised to cu


The subject of the payment of “employees” of the BBC through companies has been largely battered to death on this site, mostly by people who understand what really happens rather than what MPs


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has published a