where can i find the recent tax tribunal case of ECR consulting v HMRC.


 I'm a GP employed by the NHS but I am considering taking on sessional work at evenings and weekends.


After the article in The Stage Newspaper on 19th May 2011, should our clients now close down their PSC's and opperate as a self employed individual or should our clients take a stand on this and sa


I have a client who wants to know how to pay himself the most tax efficiently.

He is the sole director of a company which is owns 10% of the share capital.

IT contractor Elaine Richardson, trading as ECR Consulting, emerged victorious last week from an IR35 case that could have cost her £50,000.


In this month’s TAXtv episode leading IR35 expert Matt Boddingt

 I have been approached by an IT contractor who told me that his colleagues say that with a limited company under IR35 he can reduce the amount of VAT he has to pay over to HMRC by 2%.


The Budget proved to be a disappointment for those lobbying to be rid of the IR35 legislation.


It is no secret that one of the most intractable problems that the OTS is wrestling with is the question of IR35 (although at the start it was seen as possibly providing a “quick win”).


I am interested to know whether, apart from excess profits being treated as taxable income, there are any downsides to IR35.  If one is quite happy to pay tax and NHI as if fully salaried and is on