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Happy St Patrick's Day - just wondering, are there any Irish members out there, or those working in Ireland? 


Ireland's finance department has launched

The Irish Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board (Carb) has deferred any investigation into the conduct of KPMG as auditors of Irish Nationwide Building Society (INBS) until after the end of a

We are about to hire a new partner into the company.

He is an Irish resident and his tax status is Irish resident and domiciled.

Friday's headlines won't be good news for EU skeptics, or for fraudulent construction bosses. But they will delight those interested in new audit qualifications and Scottish tax devolution!


The phased abolition of the controversial “double Irish” tax scheme and introduction of a new tax relief for intellectual property will enhance Ireland’s corporate tax regime and align it with

Irish finance minister Michael Noonan announced that the double-Irish tax loophole would be closed in the country's first non-austerity budget in seven years.

The Irish government has defended two tax rulings given to the Apple group in 1991 and 2007 after a European Commission decision published this week suggested that Apple may have received illeg


An Irish accountant received an 18-month jail sentence, with the final 12 months suspended, for charges including fraudulent evasion of tax and failing to lodge VAT returns.

An Irish conman who pretended he was a forensic accountant and lived "four separate lives" has been jailed for two years.