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For the past few years, AccountingWEB and its members have occasionally taken tax and practice software developers to task for their failure to innovate.


Just got our renewal for Iris. 6% price rise. No word of why.

Also we seem to have to pay a year in advance and then pay finance to pay it monthly. 9%.

The product is good.


The founder of innovative South Wales practice Zoosme shared his insights w


The IRIS-owned cloud accounting program KashFlow has been enhanced during the past couple of weeks with new facilities to handle direct debit and card payments, and to generate PDF management repor


Is your firm having trouble keeping up with its workload? Richard Hattersley explores outsourcing your workload stresses to India.


It will be “business as usual” for Keytime despite being acquired by IRIS, according to the company’s founder James Cryne.


IRIS Software Group announced its acquisition of Keytime today for an undisclosed sum.


Tax and practice software group IRIS is sticking to its traditional message of software integration while reaching further into the cloud with its April 2015 compliance release.

With less than 30 working days until UK GAAP is dramatically altered, accountants have to get up to speed to prevent being non-compliant or risk failing their clie

The impact of auto enrolment has filtered through to the payroll software market, where it emerged that independent developer 12Pay quietly sold out to IRIS last