Has anyone else had problems filing ixbrl company accounts on HMRC's website?  On 18 February we decided to test the system and file our first CT return and accounts in ixbrl format.  We used Iris


The accountancy software wing of IRIS has separated from the rest of the software group to become an independent business unit in a shake-up that also saw the resignation of Martin Leuw as group ch


how to set iris up to be able to put fixed amounts of profit to partners a & b with remainder going 50% each to partners c & d, and be able to adjust amounts put to a & b easily to help


Absolute (effectively re-branded Forbes), did a big marketing campaign a few months ago.  The offer seemed appealing, very competitively priced compared with other integrated accounts, tax and comp


A week ahead of its final deadline, IRIS Accountancy Practice Solutions has unveiled two new tools to cater for iXBRL-compatible Corporation Tax online filing requirements for next April.


John Stokdyk reports on the product announcements and gossip at the London IRIS World 2010 event on 5 October.


Corporation Tax efiling will take star billing at October's IRIS World 2010 events as the developer previews its int

Dear All,

I am currently in the process of trialling some software which is a bookkeeping service stored in the 'cloud', as part of a process of getting my firm to embrace technology.