Excel probably remains the most popular application within accountancy, but that situation could be changing, AccountingWEB’s

Good afternoon, Irish accountant here trying to submit a CT600 on HMRC online.


I'm filing a CT600 for a UK client and notice that the accounts option is only available to audit exempt companies. I thought it was just companies house that required iXBRL accounts and not HMRC.


HMRC is preparing to introduce new iXBRL tags to be applied to detailed profit and loss accounts filed alongside corporation tax returns.


The move to a new SME accounting standard posed a challenge for software developers in a

My accounts production software (Caseware) can produce IXBRL accounts but cannot upload them to Companies House.


KPMG has developed software that can help medium-sized and large companies produce accounts up to 70% quicker.


HMRC’s long-term strategy for mandatory iXBRL tagging has been watered down as a result of recent consultations on its “digital by default” strategy.


A colleague of ours has had difficulty in submitting VT IXBRL files to companies house, I don't have any details of how they've tried submitting the accounts or any error messages they've had. We h