The majority of statutory accounts that get filed with HMRC start life as word documents (or excel), whilst the majority of software houses will (no doubt) write their CT programmes to be compatibl


Best of 09 WinnerJust had a leaflet from HMRC stating XBRL format will eventually replace PDF.


Does anyone know how to create an XBRL file or know of a programme that does?


HMRC has started to prepare for Corporation tax to move to mandatory online filing, which is due to commence in 2011.


While many practitioners are buried under tax returns this January, Sage's Accountants Division is pushing forward its strategy to build open data exchange standards into its product portfolio.

There's a new trend emerging in the world of social, economic and technology clairvoyance with several commentators owning up to where they were right and wrong in their predictions for the year ju


The current approach to the online filing of tax and accounts information with HMRC and Companies House seems certain to result in millions of pounds being wasted.


In March 2006, a new facility opened on the Companies House website that allowed people to submit dormant company accounts electronically.

This isn't intended to be an in depth technical guide to XML and XBRL, but instead an attempt to explain what the technology aims to achieve, and show how it might change the way we all work with f


The Chancellor of the Exchequer signalled a major technology shift in his Budget speech last week when he floated the idea of a "single point of contact" for VAT and corportion tax.