I'm sure I have seen on Any Answers before someone boasting that they had set up iXBRL tagging themselves and I wondered if this was possible and not to taxing to do.



I have been trawling the web for answers but I am still a bit in the dark on IXBRL.


HMRC’s autumnal upgrade will take place this weekend between 7am on Saturday 8 October and 6am on Tuesday the 11th.


Seahorse, the online iXBRL tagging system, can now convert final accounts in Excel spreadsheets into the iXBRL format required for online filing with HMRC.

I have been using HMRC's software for submitting CT returns online (I have only done three, but no problems experienced to date).  I now have a client with a loan from an asociated company written


A few months ago, I posted a query asking if members might be interested in using an

With only a few clients I've been looking at Accounts Production software and following the recent thread about this. Someone mentioned this product, which I had never heard of.


Phill Robinson, CEO of IRIS Accountancy Solutions, says now is a good time to put in place a five point plan for iXBRL success.


I have received a couple of error message relating to the actual dates of signing the audit report, balance sheet etc. Using SAPA standalone tagging software and Alphatax.


I have just tried to use HMRC software to prepare my own statutory accounts -.