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Not so much a question, more a comment on the sage advert i have just seen on AW....with the quote ' have you got ixbrl under control?'...I don't use sage myself but was under the impression they h


John Stokdyk celebrates the latest landmark in HMRC's march towards universal online filing, now rebranded as "Digital by default"


Have you used Sage's XRBL tagging software, powered by Onesource using accounts prepared in word. What do you think?


The next wave of UNIT4 software will “revolutionise reporting and analysis”, according to UK managing director Anwen Robinson.

Last year we submitted our accounts and tax on-line, using the HMRC service, with no problems, but this year, we can not do so, because the HMRC on-line service no longer accepts companies with sha


Has anyone else had problems filing ixbrl company accounts on HMRC's website?  On 18 February we decided to test the system and file our first CT return and accounts in ixbrl format.  We used Iris


The IXBRL tax computation on commercial software I use is pretty basic, so when you wish to provide information such as detailed IBA's, fixed assets additions split, etc.


We’ve just installed our accounts software update for iXBRL. I’m interested in how others have got on with converting a set of accounts into iXBRL.


Sage’s Accountants Divison this week informed customers that software updates to its accounts production programs will enable them to produce iXBRL-compliant limited company accounts under UK GAAP

In this fourth and final iXBRL software and services review, John Stokdyk considers the options for organisations that engage outside partners to take care of iXBRL tagging for them.