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The new year opened with the announcement of a combined filing service for annual accounts – the long awaited “single filing point” that inspired Lord Carter five years ago.


I just voluntarily submitted a series of CT600 tax returns through the iXBRL protocol and so far, everything seems to have gone well.  Some odd experiences were:

The latest update to HMRC's list of recognised Corporation Tax online tools and services shows that more


 Looking through IRIS 10.4 it would appear that the detailed Profit & Loss account does not need to be tagged. Is this correct?


ReviewTax and practice software developer Relate Software is the next supplier in the queue to offer UK practitioners and businesses a tool to output their final accounts in the officially recognis

Sage has added an XBRL Tagging programme to its portfolio to help practitioners and businesses meet April’s deadline for submitting electronic Corporation Tax returns with computations and acco


Twinfield founder Andrew Kwakernaat tells John Stokdyk that UK accountants can learn a lot from their Dutch counterparts.


Companies House has announced that as part of its vision to become a “fully electronic registry”, most of its services will be online only by March 2013.


A week ahead of its final deadline, IRIS Accountancy Practice Solutions has unveiled two new tools to cater for iXBRL-compatible Corporation Tax online filing requirements for next April.


At present, the current Ixbrl plans don't make any reference to LLPs . However if joint filing makes sense for companies, surely it makes sense for LLPs too ?